Georgetown Football: History & Tradition

Please review the following to learn more about the historical figures and traditions of Georgetown Football. 

 John Agar
The man who started it all.
 The Great Gilroy
Georgetown's greatest back.
 Orange Bowl
Twenty-three straight wins
en route to Miami.
 All-Time Teams
The 1940 alumni election.
 Gridiron Club
Preserving football's future.
 Patriot Games
GU's move up the I-AA ladder.
Team and national awards. 
 Hunter Guthrie, S.J.
"No more football for us."
 Program Timeline
From 1874 to the present.
 Al Blozis (Part 1)
The Hilltop's greatest athlete.
 "Hub" Hart
One great game to remember.
 Rory Quirk
Leading the charge
to bring football back.
 Al Blozis (Part 2)
A first hand account of
Al Blozis' untimely death.
 Jack Hagerty
Sixty years of spirit, service.
 Sgt. Stubby
Georgetown legend,
American hero.
 The Blue & Gray
More than just team colors.
Head gear through the years.
 Songs of Georgetown
"Straight for a touchdown."
The biggest (and smallest)
players over the years.
A tradition since 1925.
 Stadiums and Fields
Many homes, one team.
 Club Football
The origins of "Football for Fun"
 Jack The Bulldog
Meet Georgetown's #1 fan.
 Team Photos
How they looked over the years.
 The College Cheer
From the gridiron to Gaston Hall.
Generations in blue and gray.
 Trophy Games
Gone with the rivalries.
 Curley's Big Idea
Mastering the forward pass.
More than the dog.
Those who made the ultimate
sacrifice in military service.
 Division III
The move upward.
 Lou Little
Taking football to new heights.
 "What's" A Hoya...
It's not a bulldog.
 Joe Eacobacci
Remembering #35.
 Men Of Harlech
Alma mater, or battle cry?
 What If...
An alternate view of history.
 Game Programs, Media Guides
A look back.
An interview with
a Georgetown original.
Player nicknames, A through Z.

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